More than a bunch of photos: an expression of yourself!
Don't be shy!

Who wants to show a single photo when you can easily make a great artistical representation of your feelings?
Add any number of photos, Collage is not afraid of huge sizes. May you add a single image or tens of them at the same time!

...a whole world!

They say an image is worth a thousand words, but that does not mean that you can't include some special messages like text and stamps!

Collage allows you to add and edit text, using high quality fonts. Express yourself by changing not just the text, but also its color, border, shadow and more! Also, a stamp can add even more feelings to your message. Because of this, Collage includes more than 200! And the number of stamps just grows with every update!

Art takes time!

What if an artist had to end a masterpiece once started? Fortunately they can rest and so can you!
Save your Collage for keep on working on it later, load it again when you like and show the world your amazing work!